Where the Science of Human Behavior meets the Art of Living #DocsDailyDoseForDads

Bring back your special gift and help unwrap your children’s. 


What you do dictates how you live.


Change U

Change U is a course designed to help you become the best possible version of yourself. Focusing on 7 areas of life, this course will help you maximize your potential by gaining new skills, eliminating bad habits, and maintaining growth over time.

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Check out our blog with quick tips and commentary on every day behavior and how you can maximize your potential as well as the potential of your children.  

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Change U Kids

Change U Kids is designed for parents and their children. As we develop ourselves, why not pass down that knowledge to our children? Instead of waiting for them to become adults with messy lives, these videos provide parents with ways to foster personal development within their children (of all ages) and their own growth as parents.

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A fun show with tips, tricks, activities, and more. The podcast will have short episodes focusing on changing your life by changing your behavior with guests from around the world.

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Where the Science of Human Behavior meets the Art of Living.