Renaissance Behavior
Renaissance Behavior
Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.) Be the best parent you can be by being the greatest version of yourself. 3 tier Parent Program: R.E.P. Online Course, R.E.P. Retreat, Max R.E.P.

Love Life & It Will Love You Back. 


What you do dictates how you live.


Love, Sex, & Parenting

As we change our lives and grow, we can help others do the same. Don’t children wait until they are adults to search for personal development and growth to have a better life. Give it to them now. But we won’t stop there. Your love and your sex life as a parent is a critical component to being an effective parent, whether you know it or not.

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Living life as a Warrior is one which requires discipline, consistency, training, and patience. Join me on this journey to unleash your inner warrior. Check out the Warrior Scripture, Way of the Warrior, and if you are ready, make the decision to change your life by joining the International League of Warriors.  

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Health, Sports, & Fitness

Three of the worlds I love the most and have dedicated a huge portion of my life have been in Health, Sports, and Fitness. Check this out if you enjoy any of those arenas or in need of a healthy change.

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International League of Warriors

This is a league for personal growth. Yes, a league, where you work as a team, against other teams within the league for a chance to win the championship and a cash prize.

Only 88 Warriors will be accepted, each season.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

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