Renaissance Behavior
Renaissance Behavior
Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.) Be the best parent you can be by being the greatest version of yourself. 3 tier Parent Program: R.E.P. Online Course, R.E.P. Retreat, Max R.E.P.

Bring back your special gift and help unwrap your children’s. 


What you do dictates how you live.


Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.)

Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.) is an online course and workbook with embedded videos. R.E.P. suggests that in order to be the best possible parent, you must first be your greatest self. There is a twist… our desires for our kids will help us decide what that best version of self looks like.

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Check out our blog with quick tips and commentary on every day life and how you can maximize your potential as well as the potential of your children.  

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R.E.P. U

R.E.P. U is designed for parents and their children. As we develop ourselves, why not pass down that knowledge to our children? Instead of waiting for them to become adults with messy lives, these videos provide parents with ways to foster personal development within their children (of all ages) and their own growth as parents.

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Seeds… Where it all begins.

The podcast shares the stories of great people and discusses how they were raised by their parents, the values instilled in them as children, & the dangers and pitfalls of their parents they avoided. It is a very intimate format with lots of fun, laughter, crying, and lessons to be learned for parents. This podcast can be found on most listening platforms.

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Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.)