Renaissance Behavior
Renaissance Behavior
Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.) Be the best parent you can be by being the greatest version of yourself. 3 tier Parent Program: R.E.P. Online Course, R.E.P. Retreat, Max R.E.P.

Love Life & It Will Love You Back. 


What you do dictates how you live.



Writings about various topics to make people stop and think. Life is only as you perceive it and your perception is based on your knowledge. That knowledge is played out in the form of language. Your vocabulary determines your world.

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Truth Serum… Inner workings of the mind revealed on camera for all to view. A stripping of masks and hats worn to unveil the authentic, vulnerable, and inspired self. There is no topic off limits. All is expressed.  

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Podcast: Athlete Behavior

Bleav in Athlete Behavior discusses Sports Psychology, Athlete Performance, Behavior Change and much much more. A podcast for coaches, administrators, parents of athletes, athletes, & anyone in the world of sport in any capacity.

A podcast on the Bleav Podcast Network

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All the things created by Renaissance Behavior from Retreats to Online Education to Apparel and Fitness Training. Check it out. You may see something you like, want, or need.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

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