To Be or Not To Be

“If you allow anyone to control your emotional state, you deserve everything you get.” -Coach

The more you deny people the privilege of controlling your emotional state, you can possibly set a trap for yourself.  At the beginning stages of controlling your emotions, being the source of your own emotional energy, it can be difficult.  You find yourself constantly evaluating, analyzing, and correcting your reactions.  I am aware this is not the goal, but you must start by simply being aware of how you respond to others.

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Antonio HarrisonComment
Soft & Hard

I like to talk. I like to talk about myself, I mean, a lot. In conversation I often find myself listening to the other person while simultaneously talking to myself privately, waiting for my opportunity to share. Typically, that share is nothing more than a “one up” of the other person. It is simply my ego feeding itself. I don’t do it intentionally. It was a skill that was built over time. In my personal journey of growth, one of the areas I made a committed choice to change was actively listening.

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