If I Were a Girl

If I were a girl

I wonder if my Dad would have been as excited about my birth

If I were a girl

I would have been dressed in pink, wearing flower design barrettes

If I were a girl

My elementary school teacher may not have questioned my intelligence, or possibly questioned it even more

If I were a girl

I would have been told how pretty I was and taught how to use clothes, make up, & mannerisms to help ensure I stayed that way

If I were a girl

Not as many people would have been in the stands at my sporting events

I would have been snubbed for high school athlete of the year

I would have been told I can’t play football

If I were a girl

I would have been told to act like a girl

I would have never heard the phrase, “Girls will be girls.”

I would have my Mom as the example of “woman”

I would have looked at the other girls and wondered when I would become curvier or more voluptuous

I would have been allowed to stay out as late as I wanted as a teenager

If I were a girl

Boys would have been in trouble

I would have been called a slut for the number of sexual encounters I engaged in

I would have had a child before a high school diploma and many more after that


I would have had multiple trips to the clinic to stop a birth from “ruining my future”

If I were a girl

I would have been seen as too masculine

Told men don’t like a controlling woman

Told to stay in my lane and know my place

I would have been asked when I was going to find a good man before I was asked about a career

If I were a girl

I would have destroyed the hearts of men of all ages

My drinking would have been seen as a problem

I would be taught to check my surroundings when walking to my car late at night

I would be told not to go for a run at night

I would have to worry about being raped…

possibly shamed for it, keep it to myself, & if shared, hope I was believed

If I were a girl

My boyfriend would have left me for my indiscretions

Then fiancé, would be seen as weak for sticking around

My wedding day would have been seen as not living up to the Cosmopolitan standard

My husband would have been crazy for accepting me and his masculinity shattered to pieces

If I were a girl

I would have had the honor of housing a universe

Felt a living organism inside of me

The opportunity and blessing of giving birth

If I were a girl

I would constantly be told I was not good enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough

It would be hard for me as a Coach, lesser recognized than my male counterpart

My Ph.D. would be seen between a torn lens of a Mom not meeting her obligations and a Professional not fulfilling her duties

If I were a girl

I would feel empowered when I saw other women with strength, courage, and wisdom

I would feel sad that there weren’t more of us highlighted for all to know

I would be comfortable in my vulnerability due to its expected sentiment

I would rage against the machine and know oppression from a different angle

If I were a girl…

If I were a girl, I would have had the sense to use the word Woman

But I am not

Recognizing as much may be the most important component

To understanding a woman and her plight.