Thank You for the Reminders

You work your tail off, stay patient, and build the faith that all will work out in your favor. Then something unexpected, disappointing, or upsetting happens and it can bring all of that hard work and motivation tumbling to the ground. I know, I feel it. I am constantly doing something to enhance myself, my family, close friends & the kids I work with, and my business, in that order. Some might say that is the problem with my business, is that it sits at number four on my totem pole. Well, my priorities are MY priorities.

Yesterday, while researching an idea I have held on to for over five years, I identified a company that has been doing it for three and doing it well. It was a bit devastating as I had taken time away from my writing, stopped sharing my thoughts and unique wisdom on platforms available to me, just to pursue this focused idea I have desired for so long. I was a bit crushed. Not because the idea was already brought to fruition, but rather, I was frustrated with my hesitation, my waiting. I am glad this technology is being exposed to the world and people are benefiting. That’s what the idea was always about for me.

I am upset that I did not act. I am upset that I wasted time on other frivolous things that didn’t matter in terms of importance nor my interests. Time waits for no one and whether good or bad, right or wrong, if you don’t act on an idea, someone else will. I thought, “Damn, another idea busted and back to square one.” I think it hit harder because I was on such a nice, disciplined roll with my writing (the thing I love to do every day) and stopped for this idea. In this disappointment, I stopped listening and closed off the world. I stopped hearing what everyone was saying, until this morning.

First thing in the morning, I told my wife, “This Faith thing is hard.” She simply replied, “Don’t start your day off with that.” At first, I felt a bit slighted as my fishing rod for pity was not tugged with such a simple response. Yes, simple, but more powerful and profound than I knew at the time. I heard that and I listened to it. It opened me back up to hear other things. I heard Ellie from a previous conversation, the day before, tell me how much I have to offer. I heard Schmoke tell me, this morning, unsolicited, how I need to keep writing because he enjoyed reading them and there was some “good stuff” in my words. I unexpectedly saw and heard Doug, who moved to Korea last year and is back visiting today, say how he has enjoyed seeing my growth through my posts on social media. I heard Criss tell me over a phone call that was postponed for two weeks, I am right on target in life with respect to my pursuits, feelings, and approaches. I heard myself giving my son and an older kid, the same advice on the same day about not quitting and using your talents to your advantage. I heard it all.

I also listened and took it to heart. The reminders of your unique greatness are everywhere. They are in the words of your loved ones and friends. They are in the advice you give to others. They are in your successes and failures. The reminders are right in front of you, but you can only see them if you take the time to listen, look, and feel for them. Don’t worry, they will show themselves. Thank you to all of those who helped me remember to listen. I am grateful and my heart is happy.