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Change U


Change U is an immersive and intensive experience meant to guide you through change. The course was designed to focus on 7 core pillars of life. Transforming these areas in your life are the foundation to your success.

  1. Personal- This includes your self-worth and value, as well as your relationships to others.

  2. Mental - Learning is the name of the game. This pillar focuses on gaining the knowledge necessary for your change.

  3. Physical - Our bodies must be fit and healthy for our minds and souls to expand. This section will focus on your physical well-being.

  4. Emotional - This may not be what you think. The lessons here are specifically about the ability to be one with your emotions and not allow them to control you anymore.

  5. Spiritual - We hold no specific religious or spiritual affiliation. This is about you and your connection to inner-self.

  6. Financial - Whether running a business, saving for retirement, or planning a vacation, your financial life must be in order. Here we teach you the basic steps to achieving this goal.

  7. Service - To give is to receive. Here we will focus on your service to others which will enhance your life and accelerate the process of change and growth tenfold.

There are currently two options available for Change U. There is an online only course, that includes workbooks, videos, and tutorials. Each week you will be sent one of the core pillars content to work with and begin the process of change. In order to receive the next section in the course, learners will need to send in confirmation and testimonial of completion. This is an accountability piece to help increase adherence to the program as well as increase the odds for success.

The second option is the same online course with added weekly group meetings run by Dr. Harrison to support Change U learners, clarify content, answer questions, and as a source of support.

However, due to high demand, there is a wait list as we only accept 11 Change U life learners per month for option 2.  If you choose to join this exclusive group, an application will be emailed to you to determine if this course is a good fit for you and us.

Dr. Harrison personally reviews every application and will then schedule a phone call to follow up and answer any questions.

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