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Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.)


The ability to procreate is one of the greatest gifts we are given on this planet. Luckily, for those who cannot or chose not to have children, they now have the option to fulfill one of the most promising journeys in life, raising children, through means of adoption, surrogates, and invitro fertilization. Yet, when it comes to actually raising a child, we are ill equipped and quite frankly have no clue what we are doing. There is no handbook. Today, that changes!

I believe the idea and the way in which we have been taught or learn to be a good parent has been all wrong. We learn from what our parents showed us or taught us. Maybe we decided what we didn’t want to be based on how our parents raised us. We read books, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, and watch videos that give us great info but is missing the foundational piece of great parenting. That foundation starts with you being the greatest version of self.

I hate when someone claims they are a parenting expert. There is NO SUCH THING! Regardless of my life experiences, my education, my teaching background, having three children of my own, or the fact that I have worked with and coached children of all ages for more than a decade, I am not a parenting expert. It simply does not exist. I provide suggestions that have been successful for myself and other parents I have worked with, and let you decide what works for you.

Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.) is a step-by-step guide to help bring to life the greatest version of yourself as a person, so you may be the best parent you can possibly become.

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Dr. Antonio M. Harrison

“Change is inexorable. Make it significant.”

Dr. Antonio M. Harrison, BCBA-D

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