A sneak peek at upcoming projects in the works

Like Son, Like Father (book & Workshop)

Experience a Podcast, Story Telling, and Book of entertainment with parenting insights all in one.  This experience will extend into workshops to help Fathers and Sons build, grow, and maintain positive and realistic relationships built on love, trust, and honesty.

Thank you, I'm Sorry, I Love you

We say these three phrases a lot throughout our life.  Yet, most of the time we never say them to the people that really deserve to hear them.  In the context of three separate stories, I make the trip to say I'm Sorry, I Love You, and Thank You to various people that should hear it come from my mouth. Put together in documentary / story telling format, this film will share an experience I may not even be ready to embark upon.  


Additional Projects in the works....

  • Emotion Captured (Photography Experience)
  • Food for the Day (Charity Event for Homeless)
  • Student & Teacher (Book composed of corresponding letters)
  • Theatrical Performance