Reverse Engineer Parenting (R.E.P.)

R.E.P. is a parenting course that is based in the Science of Behavior Analysis. There are 3 tiers to the program. In order to move on to the next tier, a parent must have completed the previous one.

Tier 1: Online Program

Tier 2: R.E.P. Retreat

Tier 3: Max R.E.P.

The program is not what you expect and will change not only your life as a parent but also the lives of your children.


Applied Behavior Analysis: The Science of Human Behavior

The science in which tactics derived from the principles of behavior are applied to improve socially significant behavior and experimentation is used to identify variables responsible for the improvement in behavior.

-Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007


Dr. Antonio M. Harrison is State Board Certification @ the Doctorate Level

Certification # 1-12-11475

Check out a scientific article from Dr. Harrison, on Football Tackling in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Correct Form Tackling Article

Science meets Parenting

The R.E.P. programs focus on evaluating your personal history and taking an in-depth look at how we raise our children based on that history.

When then focus on identifying areas for growth and enhance the environment to match our desires. Implementing prompts and rewards for our new habits, help us build those habits and maintain them over the long haul.

Here we build a foundation to be able to share with our children, ways to enhance every and any aspect of life.

The ability to blend the worlds of science and parenting will lead to an outstanding life where one will not just survive but rather thrive in any environment or circumstance.

In order to mesh these two worlds to live your best life, you must be open to the possibility that both can coexist. Once you step into this understanding, it will lead to the realization that they are necessary, to create a complete and fulfilling life.