Abundance Speed Limit

The concept of Abundance and the Universal Laws attached were foreign in my world. I never grew up with any mention of it and, as a scientist, never thought about any Universal Laws that could help people attract Abundance in different areas of their life. When it was introduced, I did what any curious individual would do, I learned more about it. It has been more than a couple of years of sporadic learning, but over the last 2 years, I dug a bit deeper as I was looking for multiple ways to enhance my life, my health, and my business.

Part of my morning ritual of enhancement is learning something new, every day, for 20 minutes. This is usually accomplished through speed listening to a podcast or reading. While falling down the rabbit hole of Abundance, walking through an obscure isle in the bookstore, I grabbed a hold of a branch, a book called The Abundance Project written by Derek Rydall. This is not a critique or review of the book. This is a complete moment of naked vulnerability. There are multiple exercises throughout the book and, of course, I had to complete them all or feel as though I cheated the author and myself. There is a particular exercise towards the end of the book that deals with a concept Rydall calls “Abundance Shadows.” Essentially, these are the judgments you have based on your history and conditioning or training, when it comes to Abundance. These judgements include the assumptions and preconceived notions about people who seem to be overflowing in Abundance, judgements surrounding the concept of Abundance, and self-judgements.

Here comes the naked vulnerability part…

I did this exercise and was astounded at what came out of it. I mean, I believe I am an intelligent individual, can remain objective most of the time, and am aware of any poor judgements I have, leading to eliminating those judgements all together. Well, I never put my focus on Abundance before and it shows. Below are verbatim the exercise sentences (that you then fill in), my answers (the fill in), and my reflection of my judgements.

Money / Wealth Abundance

  • Question: If I have a lot of wealth, I am afraid that…

  • Answer: If I have a lot of wealth, I am afraid that I will lose it and be seen as a failure.

Reflection (done after the completion of the entire exercise): Loss of your wealth is very possible. Also, it is inevitable in that we lose it all once we die anyways. How others view it makes zero difference and they do not pay my bills.

  • Question: If I have a lot of wealth, I am afraid that people will think…

  • Answer: If I have a lot of wealth, I am afraid that people will think that I am a sell out or shady or didn’t earn it.

Reflection (done after the completion of the exercise): No one knows my struggle but me. If they provide criticism, especially those from their couches, why am I concerned?

  • Q&A: If I strive for wealth, I am afraid that… doors will be closed because of how I look or my past.

R: Everyone has made and will continue to make mistakes but what is my impact today? And if my looks or any other ridiculous reason shuts doors, find a different building.

  • Q&A: Really wealthy people are… lucky.

R: Bullshit! They work hard to gain their wealth and even harder to keep it. I looks easy or like luck because all I blind myself with are the rewards they reap, instead of asking about the battles they lost.

Success / Fame Abundance

  • Q&A: If I have a lot of success and fame, I am afraid that… people will search for ways to tear me down.

R: People will do that even if you are not successful. It has already happened in my life.

  • Q&A: If I have a lot of success and fame, I am afraid that people will think… I’m not worthy or am a phony.

R: I must know the truth of who I am, not them.

  • Q&A: If I strive for success and fame, I am afraid that… I won’t get it, or it will take too long and I will quit.

R: This is on me. I need persistence, perseverance, and patience. I need to focus on and start playing the long game.

  • Q&A: People who are really successful and famous are… lucky and caught a break.

R: They may have caught a break, but it is because they worked hard and maneuvered for that break to present itself.

Talent / Ability Abundance

  • Q&A: If I am really talented, I am afraid that… people will come after me.

R: Won’t they anyways? Isn’t there always someone shouting from the peanut gallery among your supporters? Aren’t you well equipped to handle anyone at any time?

  • Q&A: If I am really talented, I am afraid that people will think… I don’t deserve to be where I am.

R: My talent speaks for itself. I know I am worthy. I value my skills and skill level. You know who else values it? Many.

  • Q&A: If I strive to become really talented, I am afraid that… I won’t be as good as I could be, that my effort was not strong enough, or my discipline weak.

R: I control my level of effort, dedication and commitment. Also, being good enough is subjective. Knowing that I Am Enough will easily suffice.

  • Q&A: Really talented people are… given a gift.

R: Even if it was a gift bestowed upon them through genetics, a higher power, or a loved one, they still must work diligently to master that talent and find ways to utilize it at an optimal level.

Seeing a pattern? Don’t worry, I know this is long, but this is the last part of the exercise.

Relationship Abundance

  • Q&A: If I am loved by anyone, I am afraid that… if they knew all of me and my thoughts, they would cease to love me.

R: If all of me is not good enough, then they are not good enough for me.

  • Q&A: If I am loved by anyone, I am afraid that people will think… I’m full of shit.

R: First off, everyone is full of shit at one time or another. Second, no one is perfect. Lastly, my love with someone else should not be mapped by outside forces.

  • Q&A: If I strive to be loved by anyone, I am afraid that… I will seem clingy or needy.

R: Love is a basic human necessity. It is what makes life great and worth living. Don’t be embarrassed about wanting or striving for love.

  • Q&A: People who get love and appreciation are… lucky or blessed.

R: No, they give love as much as they receive it. Their effort is worthy of noting. Their efforts help dictate the outcome.

Holy shit! Did I really write that down in my journal and share here, right now? Am I really this ignorant or lack this much self-confidence? Yes, I wrote it. No, this is not me! This is me on autopilot. The reflection and ensuing awareness are my true self. I just never took the time to look in the mirror of Abundance. Three things stood out to me.

First, most of my judgements were wrapped up in others’ perception of me. What is most important is how I feel about myself, how I treat others today, and saying, “Fuck it!” if they don’t feel me.

Second, my past does not define my present. We all have checkered pasts, skeletons in our closets, and things we are not proud of as we grow older. That past does not determine what I do today or how I create my future. I can always treat myself, my family, friends, and strangers better. I control my journey, or at least which direction I choose to head.

Last, people who have done well in life are not simply lucky. Even if they did have a “silver spoon” growing up, in order to maintain that or grow that Abundance, they must work to do so. They learned, they worked, failed, and grew every day. So must I.

I will leave you with my final question that occasioned reflection: Where did these ridiculous notions, misjudgments, and out right ignorance come from? I can easily blame my past. I can use sports as an example where I have a history of being judged by my performance, especially when sports fans can be brutal, even to a young kid. Or how out performing others caused poor perception of the other. I could blame my lack of Abundance on the ones who have it all and won’t share, a sentiment learned while growing up in a low-income household. What good is finger pointing going to do? What I do know is I have the power to change it now that I am aware of such blatant falsities. I know this because I have done the work to see it, feel it, reflect upon it, and listen to myself (heart, mind, & soul).

Thank you, Derek Rydall, for a lovely, eye-opening exercise. I am forever grateful. Your words have never rang truer than after this exercise.

“Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you.” I am the Source.

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